Business Process Management

Business process is a set of activities carried out together for a purpose. Business processes will vary depending on the type of business and the role of the individual. Every business has its own set of processes that must be carried out in order for the business to make a profit. Most businesses want to improve their processes and business process management is a key way to achieve that improvement.

Business Process Management

Tasks Automation

As a BPM solutions provider, our services will enable you to facilitate & automat tasks performed by your collaborators. At Top Cloud, we believe that people intelligence is too important to be wasted on common tasks. We prefer to see your employees use their intelligence & skills to add value to your business.


In contrast to heavy ERPs you do not have control of, Top Cloud provides you with an application portal. There you will find processes you decided to implement (Employee onboarding checklist, Purchase order validation request etc…). This way, your processes remains independent of each other. It will efficiently reduce your company’s inertia and increase your momentum for the future.

Multi Device

Integrate with your existing system

For both Cloud & On-premise systems, Top Cloud will propose solutions to make sure your new applications are integrated into your IT infrastructure. By being integrated, we assume being SSO-ready, we are able to connect to your databases & external applications and to expose APIs to make your other systems survey your business processes.